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I'm an imperfect human being, and a also a software poet, a language junkie, a pessimist-turned-optimist, a book foodie, and you just landed in my place. I try to keep it tidy, but if you have any remark, go ahead and contact me.

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Reviews and rantings

Book review: Chon vang

Chốn vắng (English title: No Man’s Land) is a novel from vietnamese writer Dương Thu Hương.

Use your brain, stupid!

Being a Millennial doesn’t mean that I can’t write a technophobic rant when I feel like it. Please find below a list of things that you should burden your mind with.

Art corner

L'Espoir (Hope)

What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life.” (Emil Brunner)

Bric à brac

My first steps towards zero waste

Over the past months, I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of waste that I produce. Time has come to look at where I am at this point, and where I want to go.

Old works

Welcome to the graveyard of my past projects.

Feedback is welcome! See a mistake in my translation? Please let met know.