Old works

Welcome to the graveyard of my past projects.

I don’t maintain nor work on any of them anymore, but I decided to keep them here because it’s important for one to remember one’s past and where one comes from, in order to move forward.

Apartom (2013)

A teacher showed me the video of the encounter of artists and former lovers Marina Abramović and Ulay and asked me to express how I felt about it. I decided to depict them like two heaps of geometric shapes (triangles and circles).


My rationale: deep down, we — men and women — are only atoms, but it doesn’t make us any less different from each other or easily understanding of each other’s nature.

Arkanopong (2014)

Arkanopong is a school project, a mix between Ping Pong and Bricks Breaking games. You can play with another human (on the same computer) or against the computer (its IA is basic).

In-game screenshot of Arkanopong

Arkanopong may run on any platform supported by the SDL library and OpenGL 2 (used for rendering). The source code is available on Github (license: GNU GPLv3).

Betaform (2015)

Yet another school project, Betaform is a platform game taking place in the future. You are a robot and you can move, jump, and shoot, but your autonomy is limited: whenever you do something, your battery is drained. If you run out of power, jumping and shooting become impossible (you’ll need to wait until you get some power back).

In-game screenshot of Betaform

The game kind of works. It has three levels and a half-done level editor is available too. I did the graphics myself — which explains why they are ugly — and learned a little bit about vector graphics in the process. The source code is also available on Github (license: MIT), though I’m not satisfied with its quality and readability.

Blazon (2012)

During my undergraduate studies, a teacher asked me to create a blazon that would represent my values. This blazon represents my will to thrive. The different parts symbolize the body, the mind and family, the pillars for a successful life.

My blazon

Blockmatic (2012)

Blockmatic is a highly configurable Tetris clone. You can tweak it via the command line interface (blockmatic --help for the list of all available options). I’m an unconditional fan of Tetris and I wanted to have a game that I could adapt to my needs. I’m still playing it as of 2017.

In-game screenshot of Blockmatic

The source code is available on Github (license: GNU GPLv3). You can download precompiled binaries for Linux i686, Linux x86_64 and Windows.

Demoshot (2012)

During my second year of undergraduate studies, I was tasked with creating a photo sharing website from scratch, that allows users to upload photos, give marks and comment on other people’s pictures. I made it bilingual (French and English) from the very beginning. Even though I’m not very proud with the code I wrote back then, I have learned a lot from this project.

Screenshot of Demoshot

The source code is available on Github (license: MIT) but I no longer host nor maintain the website online.

Moonlight Champa (2013)

This is a website I built for the guesthouse of a friend in Laos. The website in itself is quite minimal but it was one of the first websites I made.

Screenshot of Moonlight Champa website

The website can be accessed on www.moonlight-champa.com. I wholeheartedly recommend this guesthouse if you happen to stay in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.

Rallye Provins (2014-2015)

Rallye Provins is a web application for the people who come to visit the medieval city of Provins in France, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No need to install it in order to use it, simply use your smartphone’s browser to access it. It’s bilingual (French and English) and can function without internet, once you’ve chosen one of the four itineraries available.

Screenshot of Rallye Provins

Rallye Provins was a school team project of four students (Marie Benoist, Lisa Françoise, Alice Neichols and I). I mostly took care of the programming part. Check it out on rallye-provins.matthieu-bresson.com. The source code is available on Github (license: CeCILL-B). It is no longer maintained and relies on obsolete libraries. However, I still maintain the version that I’m hosting.

Stress (2015)

Stress is an attempt to create a short (2-minute-long) music about the process of losing control of one’s nerves. The music consists of three parts: the rise of stress, an attempt to cool down and lastly, the failure and the final collapse.

Stress was created using Protools and its plugin Xpand2. Most of the work consisted in editing MIDI tracks.